He saw her for the first time, when they were both waiting for a Taxi in a street of Manhattan, New York. The year was 1944. She was so young, so beautiful., like the woman he had dreamed of since he had become of age. Her black long hair, was getting wet, as well as her dress, but he could see her beautiful figure. woking taxi

It was raining very hard, and a Taxi came by. He stopped it, and asked her if she would not mind sharing the Taxi with him. She looked at him for the first time, and he was lost in the most beautiful green eyes he had ever seen. She was also impressed by this handsome young man, tall with black curly hair, so wet by the rain that she felt sorry for him, and agreed to share the Taxi.

They introduced themselves. She was embarrassed at first, but soon realized, he was a respectful gentleman, nothing to be afraid about.

They talked for a while, and both of them could feel “the chemistry” that made them want to keep talking for the rest of their lives. He could smell her perfume, so delicate, just like her, but at the same time, so Delicious, it could drive him crazy. He asked her the name of the perfume she was wearing, and she told him “GARDENIA”. It was the only perfume she ever used.

She told him she loved Gardenias, they were her very favorite flower.

He asked the taxi driver to take her to her destination first, not only to spend more time with her, but to know where she lived. When they arrived, he saw a beautiful house that was full of Gardenia Trees. When he got out out to open the door for her, he could smell the sweet perfume that came, not only from her, but from her house. She had told him she lived there with her parents., and her mother also loved Gardenias.